Work/Life Balance

Having a good work/life balance is key to living a healthy, happy life. Balance gives us the time to de-stress, socialise, build meaningful relationships, make memories and most importantly, relax.

We all need time for work and play and our balance is reflected by how we organise our days – How much physical time, emotional energy and brainpower is given to work and how much is dedicated to the things you enjoy outside of work?

It’s important to be clear that our work shouldn’t be considered in a negative context. Work can and should be something we enjoy! Finding a way to contribute to society and earn a living doing something we care about and which aligns with our core strengths and passions is vital to achieving a happy balance. ‘Work and Play’ are intrinsically linked and can impact each other positively or negatively  – If you are unhappy at work, it’s likely that your personal life and happiness will be affected. If you love your work and wake up each morning looking forward to another day, it’s likely that that positivity will be reflected in your personal life – helping establish the ideal balance.

While the general definition of work/life balance is fairly clear and most of us know that we need it, achieving it and maintaining it can be incredibly hard. The ideal balance varies from person to person. For example, you may not feel your life is in balance right now and you’re struggling but your partner or spouse is sailing through – Don’t be disheartened! Your happy balance is unique to your needs, wants and values, not anyone else’s – not even those closest to you.

Age, lifestyle, cultural values, faith, personal goals and aspirations can all contribute to making the balance you need to thrive and be happy, entirely different to your partner, friend or colleague.

Working with a life coach can help you identify the barriers and make adjustments enabling you to find/ restore and maintain your balance.

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