Social Media and Self Esteem

Hello Bloom,

I thought I would quickly introduce myself first, I am Charlotte England from the Marketing Barn, I have been lucky enough to work with Lyndsay on her Logo, Printed Material and Website. I thought it would be great to do a blog on Social Media and Self Esteem.

People are spending more and more time on socials, have you ever looked at your phone stats of how long you are spending on each platform? Well, I don’t recommend it, it’s scary. There are many positive reasons to be on socials, staying in touch with old friends, maybe a family who don’t live locally, business networking, advertising and also obviously general wellbeing groups like the brilliant Bloom Together Facebook Group.

However, to all those positives there are also some negatives.

Negative Impacts of Social Media

  1. Images don’t portray reality.

Have you ever used a snapchat filter, the beautify on your camera, or maybe you only post pictures you like yourself. Well, socials are full of images like this. I am not going to lie, I have taken multiple images sometimes before deciding which one to post online, I am guilty. It has to have the perfect angle, both of my children smiling and the perfect background.

But this isn’t reality, my kids don’t always smile, sometimes I have a double chin. However, whether we like it or not people are still comparing, they are still looking at the perfect photos and wondering why their lives aren’t all smiles. Even sometimes if you know the truth of reality, the comparison can still happen. 

  1. FOMO (Fear of missing out)

People display the best of their lives. It is full of holidays, festivals, wild adventures, cocktail bars, amazing meals. Sometimes I feel like I am scrolling through images of people who all live the best of lives, I have allowed this to weigh me down before, been a single, new homeowner mum, it seemed all my social friends were busy doing things I couldn’t afford to do. I thought I was missing out, I thought I had made some wrong decisions.

At this time what I forgot was that I had two beautiful babies, my own home and my own perfect life. Also, all those amazing pictures don’t mean those people were happy with what they had. It doesn’t show the argument a couple had about who was paying for the flights, it doesn’t show the car breaking down on the way back from the posh meal. Social media is the highlights, they don’t express happiness.

  1. You begin retreat

If you know what your school friend is doing, they just got married, had a baby, it means you lose the face to face contact you perhaps would have had before.

So even though it may make you feel connected, you may have hundreds of friends on socials it also causes the loss of that all-important 1 to 1 communication. Whilst there are other feelings of comparison and not be good enough.


So my advice, keep it real, don’t compare, if you feel like your self-esteem is low, it is okay to take a break from socials, in fact, it’s healthy even if it’s just for 24 hours.

As I mum I would be interested to know any plans you may have to protect our younger generation from the positives and negatives of social media. 

Thanks for having me.


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