Keeping it for myself

Have you ever wondered whether NOT sharing the perfect Instagram moment would feel even better than posting it to the world?

I’m pondering this. There is no doubt that there is a sense of accomplishment and anticipation when I post what I feel to be a really perfect Instagram moment and I have something semi-prolific to say about it. It feels good to know that the world can share my moment and that some will ‘like’ it. But how much am I missing out on when the default is to share every ‘Instagram moment’ in my life? I wonder if it makes the moment less memorable because rather than focusing on being present in that moment and soaking it up to form a beautiful memory to treasure, I’m fiddling around with filters and wondering what hashtags are going to work best! I’m consumed by the pull of the virtual moment and I think it’s important to acknowledge that, because for me and probably for most of us, being present in the moment and enjoying it to its fullest is not something we do enough.

I mean it’s hard not to reach for the phone and snapshot life’s Insta moments! My social media has become my life’s photo album. Posting my moments is a completely normal thing for me to do. Add into the mix a business that relies mainly on social media for its marketing and representation, two Facebook pages and two online groups and I am continually thinking about where the next ‘moment’ might come from.

But sometimes (and I’m learning to do it more) I’ll keep a moment for myself. It won’t ever be shared with the world, instead, I will bask in it and soak it up so that I have a beautiful memory that isn’t just a picture of the perfect cup of coffee or plate of food in a lovely café or restaurant. I’ll remember the smells and sounds, why I was there, what I was doing, how I was feeling, who I was with…All the things we never remember when we are too hasty in wanting the rest of the world to peek into our own. Keeping some things away from the spotlight allows us to breathe and stay connected to each other and our environment. We might be more connected than ever before, but that’s in a virtual world and that world has the power to disconnect us from people we care about in the real world if we let it.

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