Coaching for wellbeing in the workplace is all about helping teams, individuals and organisations create a workplace culture that is focused on minimising stress, low morale and poor performance and maximising on confidence, value and potential. I coach for an ‘All Potential’ employee rule of engagement  – here’s why.


Most companies and their employees are operating at a fraction of their potential. Fact.


Largely, companies focus on selecting an elite few, the high talent members of staff that will create the ‘dream team’ of the business because they think this will bring optimum business performance. Whilst talent is valuable, it is also niche. I think the focus should be on potential which is infinite.


Everyone has potential and potential is limitless. By this I mean that potential is always on the horizon and looks different for each of us. We don’t know when we will reach it nor what it might look like – because of this it can seem like a moving target. The reason it feels this way this is because as soon as we adopt a certain mindset and focus on continuous learning, potential becomes a constant and expanding possibility.


By creating an ‘All Potential’ culture, the playing field is level. Giving everyone equal access to the right training, creating a healthy work environment and implementing the right strategies to help every person use their brain more efficiently, discover the values that motivate them and investing in their personal development will bring realised potential and therefore improved performance. There will be leaders and trail blazers ready to elevate the company that would otherwise have been missed.


By not considering every employee to have unlimited potential, the company’s true potential remains untapped. It won’t function as effectively and productivity won’t be at an optimum level.


Inspiring a bigger vision for all employees in the context of the value they bring and the value they receive, goals and aspirations, brings new energy and excitement for thriving forward. Breaking down limiting beliefs and coaching a growth mindset for potential is key to wellbeing in the workplace. 


Team Coaching and one to one available.